Облаче ле бяло/Oblache le byalo – translation

I came across a few requests for translation of Ran Bosilek’s famous poem (and song) recently, and there seems to be little on offer in this respect online. So here’s a quick translation:

Tell me, white cloud*,
Where do you come from?
Where did you fly?
Did you not see my father’s house?
Did you not hear my mother speak?

How is my dear child doing,
Sharing foreign bread with foreigners?
Tell them, white cloud, that you saw me here,
And that I’m fine.

And bring them greetings from me.
The biggest part is over,
Only a little remains.
The day is coming when I’ll be back home,
And I’ll embrace my mother.

(*Note: in Bulgarian we have diminutive forms of nouns, and the form of ‘cloud’ (oblache, облаче) in the original Bulgarian is the diminutive.)

You are free to use my translation under the condition that you mention that you took it from my blog.

Creative Commons Licence
This work by tropcho.wordpress.com is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

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4 Responses to Облаче ле бяло/Oblache le byalo – translation

  1. Hi, may I use your translation of Oblache Le Byalo in my blog? I just discovered the song and it sounds really nice. Your translation is heartwarming. =)

  2. Dalia says:

    I just watched a video on YouTube (X factor Bulgaria) the Philippino boy Rafael. I didn’t understand what they were saying at all. But when he started singing the song. I felt it and now that I read what it means in English am like aw. No wonder why.

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