Albert Sonnichsen

Albert Sonnichsen (May 5, 1878, San Francisco, California- August 16, 1931, Willimantic, Connecticut) was an American adventurer, journalist, and author. Circa 1904 he met representatives of the Internal Macedonian-Adrianople Revolutionary Organization in the US. He became interested in the movement and went to Bulgaria. His first dispatch for the New York Evening Post from Kustendil is from November 1904. He spent 1905 travelling around the country and entered Ottoman Macedonia in early 1906. He remained there until November of the same year, all the while continuing his dispatches for the Post.

In 1909 he published a book about his time with the comitajis in Macedonia (Confessions of a Macedonian Bandit).

Towards the end of World War I the US government was gathering data to inform the upcoming peace negotiations and asked Sonnichsen to write a report about Macedonia. In his report he gave background information about the region and discussed the pros and cons of some of the potential post-war solutions.

Correspondence for the New York Evening Post

Report for the US government’s Inquiry during WW I (1918)